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When they saw Li Ziqi is situation, they took the initiative to stay away.Xuanyuan Po was very focused and did not notice any movement here, but Helian Beibei saw it, and Senior Sister seemed to be in a state of epiphany.

Yan Ju looked at Ying Baiwu Your personal mentor, is Sun Mo Please call Teacher Sun Ying Baiwu scolded Besides, what I am best at is actually archery, would you like to see it Yan Ju is eyes subconsciously fell on the longbow carried by the iron headed girl, and then he wanted to scold his mother.

After about a quarter of an hour, Dai Shuling came.Her face was ugly, because after leaving the alchemy room, she saw that the door of Liu Yushan is alchemy room was open, and no one was there.

The steel knife slashed on Sun Mo is body, leaving only one after another slash marks, and even the pain was small and pitiful.

This is what Master Sun ordered to prepare.The owner of the bathhouse laughed and was respectful.On the plate, the amount of food is not much, but it is dazzling, there are many kinds, there are varicocele surgery testosterone increase sour plum juice, soy milk, big pineapple, apple, and some candied cakes.

Thank you Xia Yuan.Sister Xia, congratulations on your better erection supplements promotion Rlz Male Enhancement Pills best safe male enhancement pill to a two star master teacher.Gao Cheng presented him with a carefully prepared gift box.Summer Garden refused.It is just a small gift, sister Xia, you are welcome.Gao Cheng smiled.Xiao Hong snorted coldly, thinking that Xia Yuan had the same star as her, she felt a little unhappy.

Anyone who gets in his way to please Master Sun will die.Every hour, there will be the same number of soldiers as the corresponding time.This is a fact that has been verified, so every hour, better erection supplements there will be a wave of battles.The number of soldiers is too small, do not care about the key to enlightenment, if it is not on the .

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soldiers, always grab it and study it carefully.

Mr.Sun, you let Li Zhuifeng go, we promise not to hunt you down again The head of the wolf army proposed Can I swear How much is the poison oath worth Sun Mo pouted, he activated the divine insight technique, and he had seen marathon male enhancement pills the data long ago.

Sun Mo thought this girl was very interesting.After coming to Kyushu for so long, the girls he met were all the ladies of the family.They would not talk to outsiders easily, let alone face a man.But this girl is very generous and tight, and she likes to laugh very much, and the corners of her Rlz Male Enhancement Pills best safe male enhancement pill mouth are slightly turned away, revealing two lovely dimples, like viagra for first time overflowing with honey, which makes people want to take a second look.

1 In the grade.Wang Meng, do you better erection supplements know what is wrong Sun Mo roared like thunder.Wang Meng turned his head and saw Sun Mo standing beside him.His face suddenly froze, and he felt anxious.As the most dazzling rookie better erection supplements in Jinling at present, Sun Mo is pressure is very terrifying, and the most important thing is that in the two star famous teacher assessment, one of the only two full marks in psychics is Sun Mo.

The onlookers also looked cialis time over and their eyes were shocked.This cyclone means that Sun Mo has completed a spiritual pattern, and the grade is not low.Fan Wenbin took a deep breath Calm down Calm down The spirit pattern I drew is even higher, definitely better than his, better erection supplements hold on, I can win Fan Wenbin sank his thoughts.

Sorry, it best safe male enhancement pill Longinexx Male Enhancement Pills was killed by me.Sun Mo spread out his hands, helpless.The scarab yelled.Uh, I said, why do I owe my mouth so much The scarab finally woke up.This human being who enslaved himself can only be complimented, not disobedient.He is the kind of man who will never be tempted or threatened.You step back, do not talk nonsense without my orders in the future Onyx Male Enhancement Pills better erection supplements This is also a technique for training psychic beasts, otherwise the scarabs are not obedient, so it is better not to.

Just like taxes, as long as newcomers to War God Town hear Sun Mo is amazing performance, no matter how much, they will always contribute some favorability.

An Xinhui was a little sighed.Li Zixing, who once dominated Jinling for 20 years, supported Wandao Academy, and kept suppressing Zhongzhou Academy, actually quit the stage in this way.

Leave her alone Li Ziqi stopped Papaya.Ying Baiwu was extremely competitive, Xuanyuan Po and Helian Beibei passed the test on their own, and that Iron Maiden would not let anyone help.

Just as Sun Mo was thinking about it, the battle in the ring was also decided.Jin Mujie knocked Duan Yingmei out of the ring.The students of Zhongzhou University immediately cheered, especially the boys, who shouted extremely loudly.

How could they play But because it was Sun Mo is order, although they were helpless, they did not dare to complain.

Once you do it, you have to wash your hands in a golden basin, otherwise you will be caught.Of course, except for those who lie to women.But he looks so handsome, so do not be deceived.I am afraid those women are crying and shouting to get into his bed.Thinking of this, Cao Xian felt depressed.In terms of looks, Wan Dao College really can not beat Zhongzhou University.Although everyone called Fang Wuji and Liu Mubai the Jinling Twins, but in fact Liu Mubai is popularity was higher, there was no way, they were handsome.

So Xuanyuan Po was in danger.Senior MIS Club better erection supplements Brother Xuanyuan has a bad mind Qin Yaoguang was biting on the pear candy, his face full of doubts.

Good afternoon An Xinhui nodded.Sun Mo looked at Helian Beibei and glanced at Yu Mao again Aunt Wang, tell me Aunt Wang was about to speak when she heard Sun Mo is .

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voice again.

This was obviously my psychic beast, but it was occupied by Sun Heidog.Look at this carapace, look at better erection supplements this body shape, how beautiful, how domineering, I have it, the combat power is definitely doubled.

The second is composition.Many students would rather be hungry all day than write an 800 word composition, because it is too difficult.

Not to mention that he is a master of alchemy, this profession makes him very confident.Although there is no distinction between high and low occupations, the occupations that earn the most and have the highest social status will always receive a better erection supplements lot of envy, jealousy and hatred.

Ziyu, this ranking is already very high.Mayage explained.This time, the list of famous teachers is the most dazzling new better erection supplements star in the world of famous teachers under the age of 30.

On the second floor how to prepare to last longer in bed of the Dark Continent, there is a 10,000 strong mountain.On the rock wall, there are various mysterious murals carved.After watching the painting, you can become a god of war and be invincible all over the world.In that God of War Canyon, there are many cultivators stationed all year round.Some people even stay for decades, or even hundreds of years, just to understand the God soy increases testosterone of War catalogue.

Why are you so great Cao Xian did not hear the assistant is words at all.He is full of envy and jealousy now.If only I best safe male enhancement pill Longinexx Male Enhancement Pills were a libido max male enhancement reviews woman, I would be very happy.In this better erection supplements way, you can be snatched from An Xinhui.Sharp It is amazing The famous teachers who can follow Cao Xian to participate in the team battle are the main force of Wan Dao Academy, and they naturally understand the power of Sun Mo.

Then, on the rock wall, those sword marks lit up with golden rays of light, and they shot out and flew towards the mist.

Li Ruolan found Sun Mo who was drinking coffee while studying the spirit patterns in the shop of the white tea owner.

When your star level is high, some students will come to apprentice.It is windy and a little cool.Sun Mo took Liu Tong and Zhang Pan Rlz Male Enhancement Pills best safe male enhancement pill into a small alley, which was the shortest way back to school.

In better erection supplements the school, there are famous teachers, but most of them are one star or two star, and there are also a few three star famous teachers, but they are all about to die.

After all, this is the hand of God, if he can get his guidance.Am I going to fly Everyone held their breath, looked at Sun Mo is hands seriously, squeezed the knot, and there were even people who wanted to steal the teacher, but when the magic lamp ghost better erection supplements condensed appeared, they knew that they thought too much.

Does it hurt to be beaten Sun Mo saw that Lu Lin is chin and left eye socket were swollen.Lu Lin nodded.In fact, what was even more uncomfortable was the reality of incompetence , the feeling of suffocation that he wanted to fight back but could not win.

There is a family of orphans and widows, and even set up a memorial tablet for Sun Mo.If it was not for Sun Mo is offer of a job, the widowed woman could only commit suicide by throwing herself into a well with a few children and a paralyzed mother.

The better the quality of the water, the better the quality of the medicinal pill.Jiao Wenxue nodded Not bad.Water Jiu Jitsu is about a slow word, forming a cycle of better erection supplements water flow, one thousand and eight times, as a cycle, so although Master Jiao is medicinal pill has been formed, in terms of water jiu jitsu, it is a cycle.

Boss Boss Big things, big things The assistant ran in.What is the panic As a man, you have to be calm when you are in danger, and do not be .

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chaotic in the face of danger, otherwise how can Mens Upflow Male Enhancement Pills better erection supplements you make a big deal Now I can also bully the assistant.

Okay, what do you want to say Sun Mo is tone was frivolous, but in his heart, his vigilance against this bug was greatly increased.

Congratulations, you have obtained the advanced knowledge of botany, proficient, and entry.Sun Mo is heart was filled with joy.Oh, I finally got this skill book.In this way, my botany can be considered an entry into the classroom, and I can really open this exercise increase testosterone course and teach and educate people.

Sorry, I am also interested in other subjects.Li Ziqi sighed I can not give up the whole peach orchard for one peach tree You can not chew too much.

The white unicorn fought back, but in a flash, it was suppressed.It is best safe male enhancement pill not that Sun Mo is bullying people by his realm, but he is crushing by changing his moves.

Second Dao When did you learn without a teacher Yan Ju took two steps forward, wanting to observe Li Ziqi more closely There are two halos, Mens Upflow Male Enhancement Pills better erection supplements what are they Xiaobao stepped back and hid behind Sun Mo, and then stopped talking.

Sun Ming nodded, thinking that Sun Mo is son could be taught, but who knew that for the next week, better erection supplements Sun Mo would go out of the canyon every where can i buy big penis pills day at sunset, and then come in in the morning.

As for other famous teachers.They are so bad, they walmart viagra substitute are afraid they can not teach well.Let is go to Master Sun, right Lu Lin remembered better erection supplements Xuanyuan Po and Helian Beibei is heroic battles.

Moreover, the head of the regiment could see that Sun Mo cared .

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  • increase penis size reddit.A housekeeper, how dare he despise Sun Mo so much Really blind dog eyes.That one is the most famous super rookie among the youngest generation.Twenty two years old, three first prize winners, and a quasi grandmaster of spiritual patterns, a master of botany, and a master of psychics.
  • cialis brand name.After all, this is the evaluation of a sub sage, and there is absolutely no mistake.Those palace maids and eunuchs secretly had better erection supplements a sense of superiority.What if you are a princess That is a good reincarnation, and if we changed our identities, we would definitely be better than you.
  • viagra brand name.So Wang Han unfolded the map, and after reading it carefully, he pointed to a few places and said, I think these three places are very important.

about his students very much.Once he attacked, he would definitely be distracted, and the chance of losing would better erection supplements naturally be sil roman pills higher.

As soon results of penis enlargement surgery as she heard Lu Zhiruo is name, An Xinhui is heartbeat immediately accelerated, and her cheeks were stained with a blush, Oh, mistress I feel so stressed all of a sudden Principal, we are going to practice After Li Ziqi finished speaking, she dragged Lu Zhiruo and Ying Baiwu and ran away.

Understood, kneel down Sun Mo pondered, wondering if he could take advantage of this opportunity to dig Tang Wenguang over.

No, I will comprehend it for a while Papaya Niang felt that she should work hard, otherwise the majesty of the second sister would be lost.

The clerk withdrew.Thinking of Liang Hongda is unconcerned expression, he really wanted to see Sun Mo break through and slap him in the face, but he also understood that this was an extravagant hope.

Class is over.The face of others new flow 3xl male enhancement is not enough to see better erection supplements Zhang Tong came to class just for a little while, and his original intention was to ask the old principal to give some guidance and answer better erection supplements some problems in cultivation.

Have a good rest, and help me pull the car another day Sun Mo chuckled It is your honor to be the royal horse of this famous teacher, uh, the royal insect No, I can not help it, I really want to kill this stinky guy now.

Thank you uncle The girl walked away, but Helian Beibei did not look at her appearance, but stared at the steamer, because there were still more than half of the steamed buns below.

It is just that apart from better erection supplements Sun Mo is share, all the other gifts were given to the servants after they were told.

Pfft, these people are so funny Qin Yaoguang bit a candied gourd, smiling with frowning eyes.Because they were worried about disturbing Sun Mo, they tried to stay away from Sun Mo and leave room for him, but there were not many places better erection supplements in the canyon, and there were many people here today, so crowded together, it was like a full harvest.

Do you want to tell .

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Captain Fu Duan Hu winked, leaned over and asked in a low voice.Bai Hao was still in shock and did not hear Duan Hu is words clearly.Sun Mo is about to pass the border Will it fail It is only diabetes and erectile dysfunction medications been a week after all Bai Hao knew in private that it took Fu Yanqing three years to pass this level.

But Brother Xian is really too much.Those wines Onyx Male Enhancement Pills better erection supplements are all the old principal is collection.If you drink it like this, the teacher will definitely take the blame better erection supplements for it in the future.The crane still screamed strangely, and stretched out its wings, trying to hit Papaya.What does it say Sun Mo felt that there must be something wrong.It says that it is the honor of those mortals to drink the fine wines and wines of the many immortals in the Kyushu region of the Middle Earth.

Immediately someone changed direction, gave up MIS Club better erection supplements the target in front of him, and went after him.A bunch of idiots, no wonder you can not understand this level.Looking at the people who were being played around by him, a contemptuous smile overflowed from the corner of Yue Changdao is mouth.

I did not dare to directly watch, because in this age when the law is not lightly taught and skills are not passed on, it is a very immoral thing to rashly watch others.

Jin Mujie sighed again and again.Not only was Bai Hao better erection supplements hit, but so was Jin Mujie.You must Onyx Male Enhancement Pills better erection supplements know that she is better erection supplements a famous three star teacher, and as a result, Sun Mo was not even listed.

Occasionally, Sun Mo would show off a blazing fire spear technique and use a wooden knife as a long spear.

A quarter of an hour later, the big reporter came back to his senses and understood why He Wei was so rude.

Your Heart Sutra how much can a penis grow when hard of Burning Moon is incomplete, so you will have this feeling of full of spiritual energy and nowhere to vent, and over time, it will also affect your body.

Journey to the West Lu Zhiruo was curious Did Bai Longma finally marry Tang Sanzang Your does gyming increase testosterone topic is too difficult, how can I answer it Ying better erection supplements Baiwu stood in the distance, watching all this Rlz Male Enhancement Pills best safe male enhancement pill silently.

You must know that Fu Yanqing is not only a six star famous teacher, but also a strong better erection supplements person in the Qianshou Realm, and his strength is tyrannical.

Zhou Long is very witty.He said do squats and deadlifts increase testosterone this to bet that Fan Wenbin could not complete the spirit pattern within a stick of incense, so it Rlz Male Enhancement Pills best safe male enhancement pill would be a draw.

One of them is the current one.Sun Mo smacked his lips, feeling better erection supplements African Male Enhancement Pills a little unfinished.To be honest, this rhythm is really beautiful, and Sun Mo wants to write lyrics for it, but he has no culture and can only say I am sorry to go around the world.

You dare to does cayenne pepper help with erectile dysfunction speak privately without my permission, are you very courageous The Morning and Evening male enhancement pill side effects Star Lord better erection supplements looked at Tantai Yutang.

That better erection supplements African Male Enhancement Pills better erection supplements is it.Every word can bring inspiration.A few students even took out small notebooks and wrote down the main points of Sun Mo is words.Second point, Tai Feng, do you know the disadvantage of your move Tai Feng nodded.The disadvantage of Whirlwind Slash is that the inertia is too large.If it changes direction, it will take a lot of effort to adjust it, and even the attack action will be deformed.

Seeing Sun Mo now is like better erection supplements Mens Upflow Male Enhancement Pills better erection supplements a little dawn in the cold night, giving Helian North a new choice.Thinking of this, Helian Beibei did not hesitate any longer.After jumping off the ring, he quickened his pace and walked in front of Sun Mo.He is not going to be a teacher, is he The eyes of the students all stared at it, and then .

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they saw the barbarian boy and knelt down.

After seeing Sun Mo is talent in Lingwen at the beef noodle restaurant, Bai Zhan was extremely impressed.

I regret that I did not follow you yesterday.I think that Yan Ju is expression after kneeling down must be very wonderful, but unfortunately it was not filmed Li bee sting to penis enlarges it Ruolan looked sad, what a big news I missed.

Anrou was trembling in pain, but she gritted her teeth and said nothing.The ancient massage technique is activated Because Anrou did not work hard enough, her body is potential had only been stimulated by more than 60.

Well, what should I do now Scarface listened to MIS Club better erection supplements the movement outside, glanced down, gritted his teeth suddenly, put on his pants, and rushed towards the God of War Canyon.

If your body is good enough, you can continue to develop in the Dark Continent.If not, then a serious better erection supplements phantom reaction will make you recognize the reality.You just teleported, Rlz Male Enhancement Pills best safe male enhancement pill it is so serious, if you go further, you will die The staff member had seen too many situations like this, so out Rlz Male Enhancement Pills best safe male enhancement pill of kindness, he persuaded do not make trouble for better erection supplements your teacher.

The viewer will naturally understand that the young lady and the scholar eloped.This is a kind of beauty.That God of War may not understand painting skills, but when he left these traces, there must be a purpose, right This is inferred from common sense.

So Guan Shijie flexed his fingers and flicked the scabbard on his best ed medication for diabetes waist.A harsh sound resounded in Sun Mo is ear.It felt as if the sound had turned into a dagger, pierced the eardrum directly, and then pierced through the head.

This state is very suitable for learning, so building a library here will do more with less.A quarter of an hour later, a sword energy suddenly formed in the canyon and shot out like that.

It is Effects Of Male Enhancement Pills that simple Hearing Sun Mo is advice, Lu Lin was a little stunned.Is this different bull blood male enhancing pills increase size from what he imagined Especially the third section of the canyon, is it enough to just be beaten But now was not the time to think wildly, so he quickly kowtowed to thank him.

Master Sun has made a great discovery How better erection supplements powerful Will it kill MIS Club better erection supplements people can penile curvature cause erectile dysfunction Just look at it The crowd is gearing up.

And with the endorsement of the first teacher in Jinling, I have absolutely no suspicion.It is a pity that people are not as good as better erection supplements heaven.To be honest, this time, although he was planted, Zhou Pei was convinced.From Zhou Pei is favorability 1000, respect 1510 10000.Everyone was a little scared.If Sun Mo did not understand botany, he would never have discovered the necrotic spot.This was a perfect murder.Rather, it was the perfect murder that counted him.You are wrong.Your expression betrayed you.Your emotions fluctuated too much when Xiaoque appeared.Sun Mo shook his head, not agreeing with Zhou Pei is words.Mei Ziyu and Li Ziqi could not help covering their mouths and smiling, except for the teacher, who would be so attentive Anyway, the teacher is amazing, the teacher is invincible in the world.

Also, see you at better erection supplements the three star master assessment After saying this, the Master of the Breaking Dawn disappeared into the night with a better erection supplements gust of summer wind.

Hey, I really miss my folder that gathers the essence of human spiritual and cultural too much cialis works Okay, I am going into the canyon.

In the end, I had to use another method to clear the customs.At the end of this wave, Sun Mo first drew the pattern in his mind, and then opened the system mall.

You know, because even if you grab the soldiers, you will have more opportunities to observe, and you will not be able to clear the customs, so everyone will not be beaten to death, but now, the situation is different.

Sun .

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Mo is speechless, are not you afraid that Zhang Pan will be better erection supplements taken hostage But it are there any over the counter ed pills that work is too late to say anything, let is talk about it first, how many heads can be collected.

When An Xinhui clicked the sword just now, she did not draw the sword at all, she used the scabbard to point it, otherwise Huang Chengguo would have become a colander.

Because it was the first time, Sun Mo asked for stability, otherwise, he could wake up the entire canyon.

I will make this statement public.Zheng Qingfang is speechless, why are you so stubborn With your handsome appearance and erudite talent, Li Xiu will appreciate you sooner or later as long as you say a few good words.

Oh male enhancement pills woody Then let me arrange it Sun Mo took it all in.He is not better erection supplements a saint who has no desires and no desires.He is a fool if he does not take the initiative to hug the six star thighs delivered to his door.

Page after page of the golden book, accompanied by golden light spots, bounced off the top of Huo Lanying is head.

So I think, instead of cultivating students and surpassing others, it is cultivating them and surpassing themselves.

I better erection supplements African Male Enhancement Pills can not drag you down Although this barbarian boy is very stinky and smells like sheep, he is very kind, and his heart is brighter than the sun.

This is the style of a famous teacher who is indifferent to fame and fortune better erection supplements Favorability better erection supplements Erx Pro Male Enhancement Pills from Zheng Qingfang 200, respect 4100 10000.

Li Xiu is face changed, and she patted her hands.On the desk, there are direct cracks all over the place.This eldest princess is also a master.Qi Mu is kindness has nothing to do with himself, he hangs up high, Fang Lun does not think he is the prefect, he can not intervene in this kind of family affairs, and he is not qualified to intervene.

At this moment, it is like discovering a new world.Either follow erection enhancement drugs Sun Mo by themselves, or spend money and send someone to follow Sun Mo, anyway.Report his MIS Club better erection supplements every move every day.In their opinion, Sun Mo is enlightenment did not necessarily take place in the canyon, so they did not want to miss any details.

You must know that the topics these two are talking about now are likely to inspire them to enter the next section of the canyon by leaps and bounds.

Sun Mo, die Shan Shi shouted angrily, and a black mist suddenly erupted from his body, covering both him and Sun Mo.

Yuexin Lake is a scenic spot in Wandao College.Although Li Zixing spent a lot of Mens Upflow Male Enhancement Pills better erection supplements money to buy best safe male enhancement pill Longinexx Male Enhancement Pills the dangerous peaks of strange rocks, and the famous flowers and plants are stacked Onyx Male Enhancement Pills better erection supplements here, better erection supplements in terms of reputation, it is not as big as Mobei Lake in Zhongzhou University.

Sun Mo got out a few meters and quickly jumped up with a carp.Sun Mo cursed in his heart, Lao herbs like viagra Tzu is image was completely ruined, but what made him even more afraid was that if his reaction was slow, he would die.

Although Cao Xian used an inquiring tone, Zhongzhou University had no right to refuse, and did epic male enhancement price not even change his thoughts on the test questions.

Before the two star test, Sun Mo would not have been able to achieve this level, but after experiencing the Onyx Male Enhancement Pills better erection supplements tempering of the five joint spirit pattern in the white coat of arms, the one in front of him is a younger brother.

Because Li Zhuifeng in his hand has been put aside by the Morning and Evening Star Lord, to be honest, he does not know when the person was rescued.

To know how powerful Huo Lanying and the star general are, Li Xiu has ultra test male enhancement pills a deep understanding, but they were still killed by the male and female.

After a short silence, there .

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was a loud roar.In front of Sun Mo is eyes, the favorability he received also swiped like a waterfall.There was a shock in Guan Shijie is mind.He was indeed working hard for the sake of the younger generation, but this was also the responsibility of the fathers.

However, he also admitted that Sun Mo is ancient dragon catcher was extremely powerful.If he swallowed the life saving elixir in normal times, his combat power would recover at least better erection supplements African Male Enhancement Pills 70 , but now, he still can not fight.

Those who count comprehensive rankings will also take these factors into account.In short, Sun Mo is a talented person, but the platform he chooses and the personal connections he brings will definitely limit his development.

Even if you are upset, you can not bite me.There is no way, the halo of the famous teacher is so domineering.On Sun Mo is side, he did not expect Yan Ju to be so careful and bully others with small words and righteousness.

Help me back Sun Mo was a little tired.Papaya Niang supported Sun Mo, very well behaved.After returning to the villa, she asked in a low voice, Teacher, do you want to take a bath Maybe it will be more comfortable Sun Mo just wanted to sleep.

It took me more than half a month to enter better erection supplements the third section of the canyon.In the end, you all achieved this in one day Am I really not good enough It was the teacher who told us the experience.

Liu Tong came out to eat, never expected to encounter such a situation, so he did not bring his warhammer at all, so he took a few steps to the right and punched the stone wall directly.

The bookshelves are full of skill books.Is not it Am I really going to better erection supplements post it Sun Mo was excited.Congratulations, you Rlz Male Enhancement Pills best safe male enhancement pill have obtained 100 Earth level Peerless Exercises, proficiency, master level Hearing the system is congratulations, Sun Mo is face better erection supplements turned dark, and he could does viagra work for everyone not help but roar in his heart.

Humans cannot be compared.Do not hide it from Master Sun, this is a family secret.Of course not, this is the ancestor of Zha Liang, who snatched it from others, so he did not know that he needed to neutralize the secret of cold poison.

Women can not wait for your betrothal gift, they will run, or even if they do better erection supplements best safe male enhancement pill not run, they may sleep with others first, but the card of emptiness is right there, you can get it after opening the middle and second chapters.


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