MIS Club Tableau Competition!

November 2nd to November 16th

All the Data Enthusiasts here is  a great opportunity to attend a workshop conducted by professionals from Tableau and 40 Teams will be to participating in an Ultimate Analytics Competition powered by Tableau.Prizes worth 1750$ are at stake!!!

Timeline for the Competition:

November 2nd 2017:    Information Session.

November 3rd 2017:     Data Set for the competition will be launched to all the participants.

Download your Data set here! – DataSet

November 7th 2017:     Tableau Workshop – Save your Seat!

A team from Tableau will take valuable session on data analytics & visualization skills.

The agenda of the Tableau team will be to cover

– Hands on Data set Visualization

– Various charts like Choropleths, Isopleths etc and their real time usage.

– Plotting multivariate time series and overlapping charts and much more.

November 12th 2017:  Contest Dashboard Submission to MIS Club

November 16th 2017:  Final Presentations of the Dashboards

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-15 at 9.10.07 PM

Our Fall 2016 Tableau Workshop Event